Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas – Kitchen is a place which can easily be described as the inner sanctum of cooking enthusiasts. When it comes to designing a kitchen, people always try to incorporate a little bit of their personalities in the decor of the kitchen. However, a popular misconception that lives through the minds of people is that designing a kitchen requires one to loosen their purse strings a lot wider than normal.

Well, this misconception can be easily proved to be fallacious if people just look around them, for there are numerous contemporary kitchen design solutions that are neither too expensive nor too difficult to find either. A few popular kitchen trends are mentioned below-

  • Cabinetry- Sliding doors with panels along with drawers at the front are the new trend in cabinet designs. Not only are these highly functional when it comes to storage, but they are a lot less fussy. Further, they often sport lighter exteriors along with darker interiors made of mahogany or teak wood.
  • Counter Tops- Granite counter tops are not in vogue any more especially the polished variety. Even when used, they are mostly of the flamed or honed variety. Marble and Quartz slabs in lighter shades are generally the preferred option.
  • Integrated Appliances- Using integrated appliances are a great way to save on space. Dishwasher drawers for smaller loads or refrigerators placed under the counter is one of the popular contemporary kitchen design idea when it comes to integrated appliances.
  • Stainless Steel- Its popularity stems from its easy maintenance and the fact that it is easier to clean. Thus, the demand for stainless steel back splashes and counter top is on a rise.
  • Hardware- Using decorative hardware pieces is yet another popular contemporary kitchen design solution that is fast gaining traction among interior designers as well as home owners.

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