How To Create A Spa Like Bathroom Design?

spa like bathroom

Nothing’s more serene and comforting than relaxing and getting caressed for a whole day in the spa. However, spending even a day at spa could be quite expensive and for many people it is impossible to afford a spa visit every month. In such circumstances, it is better to design your own bathroom in a spa themed manner. Here’s how you can accomplish this task. First thing that you need to do is paint the walls with very soothing colors and no colors could be more soothing than bluish whites, light blues and greens. Don’t spend too much on expensive tiles.

Spa Like Bathroom Design

Now you need to create the right effects in the bathroom and these effects are acquired with the right lighting. Use the pillar candles to accentuate the corners or floating ones if you have a bathtub in the bathroom. If you don’t find the idea of having candles in the bathroom very fascinating, go for recessed lighting. Place a rug in the available space and buy one that is thick and soft. Use plush towels and if color choice bothers you, just go for the white ones. A little greenery would be great and for the best looks, go for a wooden bathtub.


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