How To Decorate A Stylish TV Lounge

how to decorate lounge

You can decorate a stylish and comfortable TV lounge if you are not really into decorating traditional TV lounge. TV lounge is the place at home where you spend your time getting entertained mostly. Why to go for traditional furniture in the TV lounge that’s something that doesn’t get you fascinated or interested? Sometimes it hides the beauty of wall paint or wall art if it is big. You can make this situation easier by designing your TV lounge smartly. Choose flat screen television and decide a suitable place where you can look at it from different angles.

modern interior design ideas
One of the best things about flat screen is that you can see it from various angles. And it does not require a furniture around it as it can easily be placed anywhere on the wall. The color of the wall can be highlighted with a contrast and this contrast can be made with bold colors. Because you have to spend time there so the color theme shouldn’t be one that grows on you after you have spent an hour or two in the room. Lighting in the room should enter from a direction where it doesn’t affect your TV viewing. Better yet, just use blinds to control the entrance of light in the room.


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