Interior Design With Nature

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Flowers can brighten up any room, regardless of shape or size. Therefore, regardless of what your house really looks like, it could use some flowers. Add freshly cut flowers to your living room everyday and you will immediately start to notice the difference. If you cannot afford flowers, pine cones, river rocks and branches will do the job. Get your kids involved by asking them to cut flowers or pick the best rocks when they see them. You probably do not have time to look for these anyway, so why not get the young ones involved? Place the flowers in tall vases or glasses and then distribute them in strategic places around the house. The flowers will not only make your house look beautiful, but they will also make it smell great.

Interior design with nature

If this is too much work for you, raid your fruit drawer. Fruits are not only good for eating, but they can also be good for interior design. They will definitely add some texture to your space. Depending on the fruit in season, consider using large jars or vases to store your fruit. Rotate the fruit whenever you can and do not forget to remove the blemished pieces. Citrus, pumpkins and apples are probably the best interior design fruits.