The Modern Door Designs For A Modern House

modern front doors

When you are interested in giving your home a modern look with all modern accessories, furniture items and interior design ideas, you can’t forget to buy the doors with modern looks as well. A room designed with all modern accessories and furniture cannot be completed without a modern door. Think out of the box and forget that the only doors to exist in the world are the ones that swing open. You now have the sliding ones along with pocket, roto and flush doors. Browse and have a look at the looks these different types of doors give to a room and then make your choice.

Modern Door Designs

When you are looking for an exterior door and want to make some impression right from the outside of your house, just go for a conventional style with a unique color choice. Think of a green door that matches your lawn’s grass color. A front door with cutouts that let the lighting from the inside of your house to the outside at night is great too. For interior doors, choose a dark wooden colored door when you have light paints on the wall. A door with wooden sides and textured glass in the middle is perfect for bathrooms. For dark paints on the wall, always go for a door with light color. For a romantic look to your bedroom, choose a pocket door boldly colored as compared to the rest of the room.


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