The Modern Fireplace Ideas For Your House

fireplace design ideas

When you want everything to be modern in your home, why going for a traditional looking fireplace? A unique idea to design your fireplace with all the modern aspects in mind is to have a big chocolate colored wooden frame which holds your fire place and the TV in it. The fireplace in the bottom and TV on top make it just the perfect place to enjoy TV in winters. Light colored couches and furniture items will look best with big chocolate colored wooden frame. Here’s an idea for those who want to stay on the lighter side of the colors.

modern fireplace design

Paint the whole room with light colors or just plain white. Have a fireplace with black frame fitted inside the white colored chimney. The best effect is created when you pick a fireplace with curved glass shield on it. Keep as fewer items in the room as possible. If you want to create a fireplace with a room that exudes warmth from every corner, you would want to use the right colors. Choose warm colored couches and furniture items in a room colored with light and bright colors. Add a rug with warm colors too and finish with a warm colored art design on the wall just above the fireplace.


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